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The Norman

Year R - Robins Class




Autumn 2022

Hello and Welcome to Robins Class and The Norman CE Primary School. 

Last half-term was incredibly busy, and this half-term is set to be even busier!  In the first half of Autumn term we were lucky enough to go on three class outings, we visited St Andrew’s Church and took a walk to discuss our local community, we went to the church with the whole school to celebrate harvest festival, and we visited the Forest School Area within Sandringham Woods for a fun forest and pumpkin potion session.

As we enter the second half of Autumn term, we move on from thinking about ourselves and our families to focusing more on our community, who and what is there to support us and who we can turn to in an emergency.  We build on our early geography skills from looking at maps of our local area to thinking about the country and the world on a larger scale and look at the role transport has to play in our everyday lives.  We look back at how transport has changed over time and how it may look in the future and how different types of transport are powered, this continues our early thinking around history and science to fully expand on our understanding of the world. 

Our stories in English will compliment our transport topic as we study ‘Mr Gumpy’s Outing and Mr Gumpy’s Motor Car’ and we will look texts based on the cultural events; bonfire night and the C word… CHRISTMAS! We will continue to build up a rich vocabulary of words, naming and talking about features of books and stories as well as locating different parts of transport.  We have already begun learning unit 1 of our initial code to phonics. We have learnt the sounds ‘s’, ‘a’, ‘t’ and ‘m’, look out for ways to support your children coming home shortly.

In Maths, we will begin looking at composition of numbers to 5, how numbers can be made up of other numbers, explore 2d shapes and look at simple measure of time.

PE will continue to be taught by a PE coach on Fridays and on Tuesdays Miss Smith will be teaching us our unit on throwing and catching. 

Our RE teaching will start the journey to Christmas as we move from thinking of Jesus as an adult to thinking of Jesus as a baby and the important people and events surrounding his birth.