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The Norman

Year 1 / 2 - Starlings

Welcome to Starlings 

Autumn 2022

This term in Starlings Class, the children will be reading Aladdin and the Magic Lamp from the Arabian Nights book. We will use the text to explore folklore and storytelling, learning about how stories have been shared orally and passed down through generations over time. Through the text, we will develop our reading comprehension skills and be exposed to a range of rich vocabulary. We will use this to inspire our own writing, focusing on writing simple and compound sentences to describe characters and write a narrative in the first person.

In Maths, we will be focusing on place value and representing numbers in a range of different ways. We will then move on to calculating with these numbers using two of the four operations: addition and subtraction.


In Geography, we will be exploring maps, including compass points, symbols and keys. We will use this knowledge to explore our local area. After half-term, we will be taking on a history project, learning all about what History is and how we learn about the past. We will find out about historians, archaeologists and family trees and we will ask what life was like in the past where we live.

In Computing, we will begin by focusing on the important subject of e-safety before exploring how IT is used outside of school and how it is used in the wider world.

In R.E., we ask the question,  ‘Why is belonging to God and the church family important to Christians?’ We explore this question through looking at how people are welcomed to the church through Baptism and by thinking about places in our own lives where we feel welcome and where we belong. In PSHE we explore Rights and Responsibilities, applying this to our classroom in the first instance and then thinking about how this applies in our wider community and the world

In Art, we will explore how emotions and movement can be expressed through line and how we can use different tools to create these different lines; in PE we are looking forward to gymnastics, tri-golf and multi-skills; and in Music Mrs. Smith will be helping us to play the ocarinas.

Along the way we will join the rest of the school and our local community to celebrate Harvest Festival at St. Andrew’s church and we will join with our friends in Robins and Wrens to prepare and present a Christmas production.