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The Norman

Starting School 

This has been written to help you and your child start school.  Starting school is a big step, both for children and parents.  We appreciate that it can be an anxious time for all concerned.

We feel it is important that all children are welcomed into a warm and caring environment, where they are going to be happy and enjoy learning.

Foundation Stage

Your child will have joined this school after a wide range of different experiences and will have a range of skills and interests, which we will continue to build on.  In the Reception class the children’s curriculum is based on the early learning goals and stepping stones, which make up the Foundation Stage.

There are 6 areas of learning:-

Personal, Social and Emotional

Language and Literacy


Physical Development

Creative Development

Knowledge and Understanding of the World

During the first term at school we will begin observations on your child; these take place in group activities.  These observations will be used to monitor your child’s progress throughout their reception year.  The Foundation Stage Profile will be used to record and build up an overall picture of your child’s achievements by the end of reception.  You will have opportunities to discuss your child’s profile at Parents Evenings.

The first day at school

On your child’s first day, we try to make the goodbyes as easy as possible.  If your child is tearful, we will endeavour to reassure them.  Usually by the time you have reached the school gate all will be fine.  We know every child is different and if your child is not settling, we will work closely with you to devise the best strategy to address any issues.

We aim to make this transition to school as smooth as possible.  There are opportunities to talk with Foundation Stage staff briefly; informally, before the bell goes in the morning and after the end of the school day. It may be necessary to make an appointment if a longer discussion is necessary.

Please let us know of any factors that may affect your child (from concerns to special events.) which may in turn affect how they settle in school and consequently their learning and the learning of others.  We can usually sort all manner of things out together.

End of the school day

As a security measure, we ask you to write down if your child is going home with somebody else.  Please let the office staff know.

When first at school, it is extremely helpful if parents and carers come forward to collect their children from Foundation Stage staff by the Foundation in the playground.  We need to ensure all children are correctly and safely ‘matched’ to adults.

Practical points

• It is useful if your child can put on and fasten their coat.

• All items of clothing must be named, especially coats and sweatshirts.

• If your child has school dinners, please order them using the Pupil Asset Parents App.

• Children are encouraged to have a clear sports bottle for water.  

• If you wish you may provide a healthy snack for your child to eat at morning break although children in Reception receive a piece of fruit or vegetable.  We look forward to working together with you and your child.