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Monday 21st November 2022 - Anti Bullying Week - Odd Socks Day

Children and staff wore odd Socks today to celebrate our uniqueness.  

We are celebrating Anti-Bullying Week from 21st November this year, and the theme this year is ‘Reach Out’. It is coordinated by the Anti-Bullying Alliance, which is based at the National Children’s Bureau. Bullying affects millions of lives and can leave us feeling hopeless. But if we challenge it, we can change it. And it starts by reaching out. It doesn’t stop with young people.

At The Norman Primary School, we encourage pupils, teachers and parents to reach out, as we all have a part to play. Reach out to someone you trust if you need to talk. Reach out to someone if you know they’re being bullied. Reach out by being the change you want to see. It takes courage, but it can change lives. So, this Anti-Bullying Week, let’s come together and reach out to stop bullying. 

Pupils at Norman have recently completed some work around who their trusted adults are, please talk to your child who their trusted adults are if they are worried.

Monday 21st November 2022 - Special delivery of Antlers!

Tomorrow is our Rudolph sponsored run in aid of Norfolk Hospice. To help us prepare, a very special visitor came and delivered the pupils antlers today. Rudolph made an appearance at lunchtime to the delight of all pupils and staff members. We are looking forward to the run tomorrow to raise money for a very special charity. 


Friday 18th November 2002 - Children in Need!

As usual the Norman children were determined to raise money for those who are less fortunate than themselves. The school council discussed with pupils and decided that children and staff should wear their clothes backwards for the day! Children also collected 1ps and 2ps to cover Pudsey's face to raise money. A total of £60.84 was raised just from this activity! Well done all those who donated.

Friday 11th November 2022 - Armistice Day 2022

We will remember them….. Here at The Norman the whole school filed outside to gather on the playground to pay our respects to both those who have fallen in service and also those who still serve today. We observed two minutes silence, then listened to the last post before saying The Lord’s Prayer.






A pupil from Robins class has been busy volunteering for The Royal British Legion. She helped her family sell poppies in Methwold and the surrounding area last weekend. This is the second year she has taken part in the appeal. Well done!

Friday 4th November - People who help us. 

Robins class had a visit from Elsie's Mum who is a nurse to finish off a week on 'people who help us'. We thought of some questions to ask her such as "Do you use a stethoscope", "which hospital do you work at?" And "Do you give people injections everyday?"  She brought in some equipment that the children were able to use including a stethoscope, a Doppler to check pulse/heart beat, bandages and a peak flow monitor. The children really enjoyed exploring all the different equipment and asking questions to a professional about how they work.

Thank you to Elsie's mum and all the other amazing people who work for the NHS keeping us well.



Friday 4th November - Celebration Assembly

Well done to all the pupils who were awarded with certificates and thank you to all the parents and grown ups who attended this week.

Congratulations to the pupils who shared their fantastic achievements from outside of school this week. We are very proud of you!



Thursday 3rd November - Banham Zoo trip for Starlings Class

On Thursday 3rd November, Starlings Class visited Banham Zoo. We had an absolutely fantastic day launching our new Science topic- Amazing Animals.

The zoo was very quiet, which meant that the animals were feeling a little braver than usual and were extra keen to come and see us and put on a show. We saw playful tigers bundling one another, majestic giraffes feeding, sea lions leaping through the water, sloths slowly creeping through the trees and howler monkeys calling out overhead.

We also had a discovery session where we learned about food chains and classified animals into three groups: carnivores, herbivores and omnivores.

We even got to stroke Alan the cockroach!


Sunday 23rd October - Family Service St Andrew's Church

Today we joined with our wider community and celebrated our families at St Andrew's Church. The children did a wonderful job of singing 'Our God' and read out some personal thoughts on family, a poem and an extract from the Bible. the survive was led by Rev Juanita. 

It was a joyous occasion, and it was a delight to see both our oldest and youngest residents of Northwold join together at such a personal service. We also welcomed ex-pupils who came to join with us, Once a member of Norman family, you remain a member of Norman family and will always be welcome at our services!  Many thanks to Ann and some of the congregation for the offerings of cake, tea and squash afterwards - it was a lovely opportunity to sit and share our thoughts. 

The children enjoyed seeing their work on family on display in the church!




Thursday 20th Oct 2022 - Celebration assembly.

Our weekly celebration assembly was a day early this week due to half-term finishing on Thursday.  Well done to all the pupils who received certificates and shared their achievements from outside of school, from stage shows to taekwondo and muddy cycling!







Thursday 20th Oct 2022 - Harvest Celebration Trail with Hot chocolate.

We have ended this half-term with a harvest trail for all to enjoy on our beautiful school field. Did you solve the Autumn Clues to find all the beautiful pumpkins!

Thank you to the amazing grown-ups who volunteered their time to organise and run this for our school community. 

Wednesday 19th October 2022- Robins Class Trip to Sandringham

Robins had a fantastic  class trip to Sandringham Estate today, the visit was linked to their current theme of “All About Me” and included a Forest School workshop on Harvest and potion making.  Children also had the opportunity to walk and explore the estate.

The children visited Sandringham back in the summer and were able to spot the changes due to the seasons.



Community Soup Share Monday 17th Oct 2022  

Our annual EYFS Soup share had a few changes this year, firstly they were helped out by KS1, and secondly, for the first since Covid, we were able to share our soup with the wider community.

Reception Class and Year 2s learnt how they can use vegetables harvested from the ground to create food for us. We peeled, chopped and mixed the vegetables in the pan with stock, hot water and tomatoes grown in Starlings outside area and then blended them into a soup type consistency. 

Year 1s baked some delicious bread rolls to accompany the soup. We used a special yeast-free recipe, which comprised of just flour and yoghurt. We mixed these together and then kneaded the dough - it was quite sticky and lots of fun.

Monday 17th October 2022 - Reverend Joan Horan

We are pleased to share the news that our very own Rev. Joan Horan has been appointed Honorary Canon of the Cathedral Church of the Holy and undivided Trinity of Ely by The Bishop of Ely.  A wonderful honour for Rev. Horan who was installed during Evensong at Ely Cathedral today. Rev. Horan is a regular visitor to our school, and we are incredibly proud of her. 

Saturday 15th October 2022 - Pond working party - Phase 2  

Thank you to the parents who came and helped us in the Pond Working Party Group. Volunteers gave up their Saturday to help us clear the pond area, so we are able to use this as part of our learning. It was a fresh Autumn day with a breeze, but it remained dry and two truck loads of green waste were taken away.  Thank you to Jade for bringing the truck, Dave Leech for advising us on what to cut back and leading the group and  Heidi, Lou, Ami, Kerri, Adam, Mrs Banwell and Mrs Rickard for working so hard to help us. Miss Smith had organised this and has spearheaded the group, a big thanks to all of you.  We look forward to developing this area over the next couple of terms. If you would like to be involved please contact the school. 

Before ...                                                                                 After!


We also spotted a little visitor to our pond area, we made sure he was protected and replaced into his pile of twigs and dry leaves ready for the chillier Autumn Days.  Mrs Fisher

Friday 14th October 2022 - Wear something Bright day - Mental Health Awareness

This week we have been looking at Mental Health and I would like to say thank you to all of you that have generously donated to our Just giving page for Young Minds, we raised a whopping £133.00 which is incredible. It was lovely to see all the children in their bright colours, discussing how we can improve our Mental Health in our very special assembly this morning. The children were very insightful when discussing mental health and showed an understanding of what mental health is and why it is important. They watched a video and presentation as part of the assembly led by Miss Smith. Charlie Fisher highlighted to us all that the assembly looked like a Rainbow with all the different colours, and with the symbol of the rainbow representing hope, I thought that this was very apt.

Mrs Fisher







Monday 10th October 2022 - PTFA AGM 6:00pm in school Hall

It was a record turnout for the PTFA AGM. The first one in person since before Covid. It was an evening of changes, after a long term of service the following committee members stepped down.  Gary Cater - Chairman, Jenny Mason and Tammy Wright.

We would like to thank them for all they have done for the school and the money they have raised! We would like to warmly welcome the new committee members of the PTFA. 

Chairperson - Jason Cooper

Vice Chair - Adam Keep

Secretary - Kerri Strutt

Treasurer - Coralie Fletcher

PTFA Officers - Lou, Michelle and Heidi

If you would like to help our school and are able to give a little of your time please get in contact with the school office. 

Mrs Fisher

Friday 7th October 2022- Harvest Festival 

What a wonderful way to finish the week with our annual Harvest Festival in St Andrew’s Church. It was a joy to see the church so full. Thank you to all of you for joining us and sending in donations with your children. St Andrew’s is a beautiful building and part of our community, it is open every day between hours of 10am and 4pm and you are welcome to pop in and explore or just have some reflection time. You will always be made welcome. To hear the children singing their Harvest songs filling the Church is something that I feel very proud of and thankful for.

Thank you to all the family members who came and supported us with walking the children over to the Church, we have more children on roll than we have had for many years and I am very grateful for all your help. Thankyou to Cuffie and Sharon for doing the road crossing!

Mrs Fisher


Monday 3rd October 2022

Today we welcomed Rev Joan Horan and Mrs Howarth to our school for lunch.  Both Rev Horan and Mrs Howarth were able to share lunchtime with all our teachers and pupils. It was a joyous event with lots of conversations.

Thankyou for accepting our invitation Rev Joan and Mrs Howarth.

Mrs Fisher 

Friday 23rd September 2022 - Reflection Area

Development of our Reflection area has now been completed.  Thank you to all the parents who donated items to make this area comfortable and cosy, and to the volunteers who came in and moved around the library, designed and painted the mural, hung the fairy lights and created and area that encourages our pupils to take time out to either use the prayer corner or just quietly reflect on their thoughts.  Mrs Fisher



September 16th 2022 Pet Service 3.30pm

Pupils and staff attended the Pet service in St Andrew's Church after school on 16th September. We give thanks every year for all creatures, great and small particularly our pets. Children are invited to bring their pet along or bring a picture of their pet or a favourite cuddly toy to give thanks and receive a blessing. This year we saw many dogs, rabbits, guinea pigs and some noisy baby ducks along with a cuddly horse. Playtime Pets Thank You Postcard | SmartPractice Veterinary




September 8th 2022

We are very saddened to hear the news of the death of Her Majesty Queen Elizabeth II

"God of love, we give thanks for the life and service of Queen Elizabeth II who gifted us with her extraordinary faithful life, her dedicated leadership and unwearied devotion of duty. Be close to all who mourn and may they find comfort and hope in your love. Amen. "

We have opened a condolence Book at school - please feel free to come into reception and sign. Celebration assemblies will not happen during the Official National Mourning period and our school will be closed on September 19th to enable pupils, families and staff to watch the funeral and pay their respects.

The passing of our Queen may possibly raise some emotions in children and families, particularly in light of the extensive coverage and what she meant to the country and world. If you would like some support with talking to your child about the death of Queen Elizabeth Nelson's Journey have given some advice on their website . Please follow link below. We have a Thrive Practitioner in school and Mental Health and wellbeing staff, if you feel your child may need extra support please see your child's class teacher in the first instance.