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The Norman

Community Soup Share 17th Oct 2022

Community Soup Share Monday 17th Oct 2022  

Our annual EYFS Soup share had a few changes this year, firstly they were helped out by KS1, and secondly, for the first since Covid, we were able to share our soup with the wider community.

Reception Class and Year 2s learnt how they can use vegetables harvested from the ground to create food for us. We peeled, chopped and mixed the vegetables in the pan with stock, hot water and tomatoes grown in Starlings outside area and then blended them into a soup type consistency. 

Year 1s baked some delicious bread rolls to accompany the soup. We used a special yeast-free recipe, which comprised of just flour and yoghurt. We mixed these together and then kneaded the dough - it was quite sticky and lots of fun.