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Attendance & Health

The law requires parents to ensure that their children attend full‐time education and of course it is in the interest of the children to attend school regularly. If a child is unable to attend, the school must be officially notified by 9.00am on the first morning of absence.  The school will contact parents if we do not receive a telephone call or message in the interests of safety of the children.  Any unexplained absences will be recorded as an unauthorised absence (i.e. truancy), as does lateness, and we are required by law to send in an annual return to the Local Education Authority giving details of this information.  In addition, records of attendance are detailed on the child’s individual report.


Children who are unwell should not attend school.  If a child vomits or has diarrhoea they must be kept at home for 48 hours from the time of the last episode.  However, if a child has to receive prescribed medication in school, parents are asked to complete an Administration of Medicine Form to authorise a member of staff to administer the medicine.  This form must be completed before any medication can be given to your child in school.  All medication should be handed to a  member of staff and kept in the school office.  Children who use an inhaler are asked to hand it in to their classroom teacher for safe keeping, and the inhaler should clearly have the child’s name on it.  A bag with inhalers is in each classroom and this is taken wherever the class is at whatever time of the day.  Older children are encouraged to manage the use of their inhaler themselves.


There is no automatic entitlement to holiday in term‐time and is indeed unlawful.  Where absence cannot be avoided an Absence Request Form should be completed and returned to school.