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The Norman

The Norman Staff Team

We are fortunate to have a staff team who work tirelessly to create interesting and challenging experiences for our children. They hold the children to high standards of achievement in a thoughtful and caring way.

Mrs C Reich Executive Head Teacher
Mr M King Deputy Executive Head Teacher
Mrs C Hague Inclusion Manager (SEND)
Mrs T Wright Rio Class Teacher - Year R  (3 days)
Mrs K Corlett Rio Class Teacher - Year R (2 days) / Thrive Team
Mrs A Fisher New York Class Teacher - Years 5 & 6 
Miss M Vaughan Paris Class Teacher - Years 3 & 4
Mrs L Bagge Barcelona Class Teacher - Years 1 & 2 [Maternity Leave]
Mrs J Fysh Barcelona Class Teacher - Years 1 & 2 [Maternity Cover]

Miss J Ireland

Teaching Assistant / Midday Supervisor

Miss K Raven Teaching Assistant / Cover Supervisor / Thrive Team / Nurture Team
Mrs T Smith Teaching Assistant / SEND Support / Nurture Team
Mrs L Kent Teaching Assistant /  Thrive Team 
Mrs A Zawiasa Teaching Assistant / PE Teacher
Mrs K Rickard Teaching Assistant 
Mrs J Johnson Teaching Assistant 
Mr D Bunten Teaching Assistant / PE Support / Nurture Team
Miss C Fox Kitchen Assistant
Mrs S Pearce Midday Supervisor / Cleaner / Caretaker
Mr D George Premises Manager
Mr Z Marshall Apprentice Premises Manager
Mrs S Banwell School Secretary
Mrs S Berry Finance Manager
Mrs A Zawiasa Finance Assistant
Mrs J-L Frohawk Pre-school Manager
Mrs K Curtis Pre-school assistant
Mrs R Smith Pre-school assistant