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The Norman

Summer 2017

After the Easter break the classes continued to practise their dances for the May Day celebration. The first date was cancelled due to wet weather but the children showed off their dances to an audience of parents, grandparents and friends on Tuesday 2nd May. The children performed their dances beautifully and we are very proud of all our children.




After May Day, and with sports day and area sports approaching, athletics was on the timetable for all the classes as well as cricket for Paris and swimming for New York.

A series of running sessions saw the children of New York and Paris starting races in different positions - sitting cross legged, kneeling, laying prone, laying supine and standing - and running over 10m to see what difference starting positions made to their times. Short and long distances were run with the children taking turns to time and record each another; these were then used to group children for sports day races.



Further lessons saw all children practise the different events that they would be competing in on sports day - obstacle course, sprinting, sack race and welly throwing.



New York went swimming in their pyjamas to learn and practise survival skills.


Paris began to learn cricket skills - batting and overarm bowling - and a coach from Hockwold Cricket Club ran after school coaching sessions for the children to hone their newly acquired skills.



Area sports took place on 26th June and 25 children across KS2 participated in various events at Iceni High Academy, Methwold. A successful event for the Norman school finishing second in the small schools competition.