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The Norman

Spring 2018

After the Christmas break, Barcelona started a block of lessons to improve on catching skills which led to the introduction of Bench ball that included teamwork and respect. The children started with throwing and catching scarves and weighted scarves to themselves, bouncing and throwing balls to themselves, before progressing to working with a partner and in small groups.


Bench ball is a wet weather favourite in KS2 and Barcelona certainly enjoyed it but haven't mastered the 'no talking' rule applied in KS2. The object of the game is to get your team onto the bench by catching the ball thrown by the team; the opposition have to try and intercept the ball so accurate throwing and catching skills are key. Once the game was concluded, teams lined for a respect handshake which gave them the opportunity to praise each other for their efforts.


Paris started the year where they'd left off and completed the key step gym lessons finishing with a floor sequence and different levels of vault. After gym, bench ball was timetabled which started with some catching drills before the games began. Playing by the rules is important in this team game and no talking encourages the children to communicate in other ways, anyone breaking the rules spends time in the sin bin. Paris played the game in the conventional manor getting the team on the bench and also played in reverse getting the team back to the floor using their throwing and catching skills.


New York took to the water at Feltwell swimming pool and played netball outdoors when the weather permitted. Once again bench ball was the alternative when the weather was against us. New York played using netball skills: not moving with the ball, using different passes and pivots to change direction, all without talking (most of the time). The final lesson before half term saw an inter-house competition which resulted in a win for Jupiter.


Netball club started after Christmas with the cluster competition taking place in February. Click on the tab to find out how Team Norman got on.

After half term, Stardance Company came in to work with EYFS, KS1 and KS2.  Each class had a different dance to learn and the objective was for the dances to be ready to perform at the May Day celebrations.


Rio danced to Meghan Trainor's Better When I'm Dancing.


Barcelona  learned dance moves to Justin Timberlake's Can't Stop the Feeling.


                                     Ed Sheeran's Galway Girls was the tune for Paris to dance to.


New York enjoyed learning moves to Instruction by Jax Jones ft Demi Lavato.

Paris also played tri-golf in preparation for the cluster event at Iceni. Lots of different activities using putting and chipping skills.



Click on the tab to see how they progressed in the competition.

New York continued to swim. Our aim is to enable each child to be confident in the water, have the principles and skills of water safety and survival and be able to swim at least 25 metres in line with National Curriculum requirements before they move to Secondary Education.