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The Norman

Spring 2017

New York started the Spring term with seven sessions of volleyball which they've thoroughly enjoyed; they've learned how to volley, dig, serve, rotate and score and have been using different types of balls - beach ball being their favourite! Throughout the sessions, the group have practiced their new skills and played in small-sided games across a bench. The last session saw the whole group play together and implement their skills and knowledge of scoring and rotation. During this last session they also played a short game seated to experience the game as played in the Paralympics. Being able bodied this was quite a  challenge for the children, remaining seated on their bottoms proved tricky!


Netball took over after volleyball and the boys and girls of New York showed that they haven't forgotten previously learned skills. Passing and catching is improving all the time; chest, bounce and shoulder passes are being used in small sided possession games while the after school Netballers are playing High Five Netball and showing off their skills in a full game situation in preparation for the cluster tournament.


After the half term break New York continued to play netball for a few sessions before football took over before the Easter break. With the annual Northwold Tournament fast approaching, these lessons gave the children an opportunity to practice their football skills, learn new ones and gel together as a team with some of the boys taking on coaching roles.  


Paris have been focusing on gymnastics and have been introduced to counter balances; the children needed to consider the base, point of contact and angle of leaning with a partner. The sessions started on the floor with the children working together exploring different counter-balances. Each pair then decided which balance they would like to take onto the small apparatus in a short sequence. Paris have been on their best behaviour in gym and follow all safety instructions very well. As last term, on Fridays half the class go swimming and the remaider continue to hone their speed-stacking skills with.


Barcelona continue to impress with their good behaviour in the PE lesson; each lesson starts with a volunteer to name the muscles in their bodies and they have amazing memories! Gymnastics was also on the timetable and the children have been working on short sequences which must include a capital letter (present themselves to start), verbs (balance and jump) and finish with a full stop (finishing pose), all performed with extension of the limbs, pointed toes and always with safety.  Sequences started on the floor before progressing onto the small apparatus and then the wall bars finally made an appearance in their lessons. Excited? Oh yes they were!


Towards the end of this half term, all classes started to prepare for the traditional May Day celebrations. The May pole made it's first appearance for New York while Paris, Barcelona and Rio used the hall to learn new May day dances.


January saw the Tag Rugby Team compete in the level two competion at Saham, the home of Watton Rugby club before progressing to the level three competition at Norwich Rubgy Club - for the full report follow the link on the left of this page.

After the February half term, Aimee, Kacie and Daisy competed in the Breckland swimming finals at the leisure centre in Thetford. All the events were over 25 metres and each competitor chose two strokes: Aimee won both her races in front crawl and breast stroke: Kacie won in both her chosen events of back stroke and breast stroke and Daisy won her front crawl race and came runner up in back stroke. All the girls qualified to represent Breckland in the Norfolk Winter Games at the UEA Sportspark in March.

The Norfolk School Games swimming event took place in March, unfortunately Daisy sustained an eye injury which meant she had to withdraw but Aimee and Kacie both went to the Sportspark in Norwich to represent Breckland. The girls did very well with Kacie finishing second in the breaststroke and third in the backsroke; Aimee was placed second in the breaststroke event. Well done girls.

March was a busy month for competitve events - the Netball team competed in the cluster event at Iceni High School and The Northwold Football Tournament took place on the warmest day of the year so far and was extremely successful; please follow the links on the left of the page for the full reports.