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The Norman

Rio de Janeiro Class

Spring Term 2019

Once Upon a Time ….

Welcome back after a very sunny and warm half term holiday. I hope you enjoyed our class assembly. Our superhero topic is now behind us and as we move into the second half of the new year we move onto ‘Once Upon a Time’, where we will look at traditional tales, more story language and storytelling activities.

In English we will be exploring traditional tales and texts and incorporating our Talk for Writing actions and story mapping into these. We will make posters to hunt for characters that have gone missing and maybe even go on a hunt to find them as Rio class have been really interested in these previously. We will make our own fact book about wolves or pigs, researching what we would like to know about them ourselves using the computer and the class tablet so that we are learning to use technology for a purpose. There will be a big emphasis this half term on writing both adult guided writing and writing for a purpose – introducing clipboards in all areas of the classroom and outside and promoting the use of writing in construction and role play scenarios.

In Maths there will be an increased focus on shape, space and measure. We will look at sorting into collections, this may include one step sorting into colours, shapes, sizes, patterns or increase to two step sorting for example, big blue, small red, yellow 3d shapes, blue 2d shapes. We will then progress onto fractions around the time of Pancake day where we will find half of a pancake or half of the amount of toppings to go on top of our pancakes. If we are lucky, we may also make pizzas and look at halving these.

There is going to be a big emphasis on baking and cooking this half term as traditional tales, pancake day and Easter lend themselves nicely to this. Whilst cooking, we will look in depth at hygiene, self-care and weighing as well as the consistency and change in textures.

Addition and subtraction will be explored in everyday contexts, during registration, while collecting snack and when voting for our favourite books for example, however we will also continue using objects and Numicon to count with to find amounts as well as developing the use of number lines and simple mental maths.

Through our Enquiry time we will be exploring pitch and pulse through our music lessons, we have managed to find some rhymes and musical accompaniments that are based on traditional tales. We will look at building bridges for animals and characters to cross the river and houses made of different materials. Going on journeys feature in many traditional tales so we will look at maps, travelling and position and direction.

This next half term in RE we will explore one of the big questions the children have already been asking, ‘How did Jesus die?’ and ‘Where is he now?’. The lead up to Easter has lots of stories and activities to help understand why we celebrate the occasion, what happens next in the Christian story and the symbolism of some of the well-known traditions and objects seen around this time. We will also celebrate Mother’s day and the start of Spring time.

We will continue with two PE lessons a week. One of these will still be on a Tuesday with the sports coaches and on Friday afternoons Miss Smith will teach multi-skills which includes, balancing, catching, throwing and co-ordination. This will be themed, where possible, around our learning enquiry. Please make sure the children have clothing and footwear suitable for inside and outside PE.

We are all looking forward to the start of a new, exciting and hopefully warmer half term! We hope you are too.

The EYFS team.