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The Norman

Pupil Premium Report to Parents 2015-2016

Number of pupils and pupil premium grant (PPG) received

Total number of pupils on roll


Total number of pupils eligible for PPG


Amount of PPG received per pupil


Total amount of PPG received



Nature of support  2015-16

The Pupil Premium funding has been allocated in the following ways:

  • To provide training in THRIVE for TA.
  • To provide Family THRIVE Training for SENDCo.
  • To provide Social Story Training for SENDCo.
  • To provide Behaviour Management Training.
  • To provide THRIVE online software access.
  • To provide appropriate intervention activities in and out of the classroom.


Curriculum focus of PPG spending 2015-16

  1. To develop a school wide approach to ensuring emotional literacy for all children.
  2. To ensure continued progress in Teaching & Learning of Writing.
  3. To narrow gap in attainment & progress for boys in maths.
  4. To support children in developing stories to assist in coping with change.
  5. To develop our approach to behaviour consistently throughout the school day.
  6. To ensure all disadvantaged children are given every opportunity to make progress & achieve in line with others.

 Measuring the impact - outcomers across school (progress)