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Paul Evans - Olympic Athlete

   Paul Evans is a former distance runner from England, who ran in the 10000m track final at the 1992 Barcelona Olympics and 1996 Atlanta Olympics. He took up running at 25, having been a footballer. He was a member of Belgrave Harriers and the City of Norwich Athletics Club. Evans came second in the 1996 Great North Run third in the 1996 London Marathon, and won the 1996 Chicago Marathon at the age of 35. His time of 2:08:52 in Chicago places him fourth on the UK all-time marathon list. He is now athletics development officer for Norfolk.

 In the Spring term, we welcomed former Olympic Athlete Paul Evans to the Norman School. Before a practical session, Paul answered questions from the group of pupils chosen to take part; they wanted to know which event he had taken part in, where he had competed and how fast he could run. Paul talked about his love of athletics and how he had been selected to be part of the Great Britain team that went to Barcelona and Atlanta. Paul's early sporting interests was football and by his own admission, he could play football but not very well! But what a coach noticed, is how Paul could keep running for the whole of the game and suggested he take up running. He did and joined an athletics club, trained hard in and around Norfolk and was rewarded with an invitation to compete with the best athletes in the world.

As with all good PE lessons, the practional session started with a warm up. Paul asked the group why they needed to warm up; the children are very knowledgeable about this and gave excellent answers about not pulling muscles, increasing the heart rate and getting oxygen to the muscles. After a couple of laps of the netball court, the children continued to prepare their bodies for exercise by doing dynamic stretches, which means they stretch their muscles on the move.  



Once the children were warmed up and ready, they were split into teams for relay races. The children ran from one end to the other and before they could return Paul set them a task. In the first race, before returning to the team to pass the baton, the children had to perform five jumping jacks like in sportshall athletics; in the second race it was spotty dogs and in the third and forth races they had to pose as Usain Bolt and Mo Farah.

Well done to Daisy, Phoebe, Charlie and Edward for being chosen as the best posers!

The final event was the three minute shuttle relay; the children had to pace themselves and keep going, exchanging the baton. Extra praise for Colin, Zak, Emily, Daisy, Phoebe and Jack who were in teams of three therefore running more legs and having less recovery time between each run.

Finally, it was time to cool down and return their bodies to a relaxed state ready for the rest of the day. The cool down is an essential part of any exercise and in always part of all PE lessons; the children gently jogged a lap of netball court and did static stretches to stretch their muscles, this gave the children a second opportunity to ask Paul any more questions they had.


The cool down and questions!

A great athletics session enjoyed by all.