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The Norman

PE & Sports Funding 2015-2016


Funding available for 81 pupils = £8,365


Area of Focus


Funding Use




Sports equipment

To ensure the equipment is kept safe

Purchase of storage unit


Lessons run more smoothly, equipment where it needs to be

Equipment easily accessible for sporting activities

Participation in tournaments

To provide greater opportunities to travel to events

Coach hire


Greater participation for more children to be involved in team sport 

Photographs and school sports reports

Purchase team PE waterproof jackets

To provide high quality outdoor clothing

Purchase of team jackets


Greater pride in the school team

Photographs, displays and website reports

Teaching and after school clubs

To provide high quality PE teaching across the school

Salary for NPETCSs TA


High quality teaching and learning leading to greater uptake of extra curricular clubs

Lesson observations, photographs, website reports, displays and registers





Balance     £1,249