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The Norman

New York Class

A warm welcome back to New York Class.  

During this Spring Term New York Class will be exploring the question, 'Do humans really have super powers?'  

As we delve into our learning inquiry, pupils will encounter new experiences and an abundance of learning opportunities along the way.

In English we will be reading and writing about the book Skellig. We will explore the beautifully magical and moving novel by the famous author David Almond; where we will join the protagonist Michael on an emotional journey of self discovery.  This will help us with our inquiry; 'Can humans have super powers?'



After February half term we will be reading  and exploring through drama Macbeth by William Shakespeare,  and discover why Shakespeare is considered the greatest author of the English Language.  Did the three witches have super powers?


In Maths we begin 2018 with Calculation; particularly focusing on order of calculations ; BIDMAS.  We will then move onto Proportionality where we will revisit Fractions and explore their relationship with Percentages.  We will also be visiting Negative Numbers, Coordinates and Place Value. We will continue to build on Maths skills we have already acquired and use our growth mindset to stretch and challenge us!



In our Topic work we will cover the the human circulation system and how we can stay healthy. Does the heart give humans super powers?  What do we mean by super powers?

PSHE continues to be an important part of our curriculum and this term we will be learning about bullying, equality and diversity.  





In Art we will be learning about collage and creating 3D images to accompany our reading of Skelling and Macbeth.

We are extremely fortunate to continue to have weekly  Music Lessons on Thursdays and  French will continue with Madame Blanc on Wednesday afternoons.
PE  this term will be on Wednesdays with Swimming on a Friday afternoon - Please ensure your child has an appropriate (and named) kit  on these days. 

Note for Parents :

During these early months of the year, I would advise that your child wears shoes that are suitable to wear on the field. We like to use the field as often as possible at play times; however, some children's school shoes are not waterproof which results in their feet getting wet and cold, even when it has not been raining.

If your child's shoes are not waterproof,  you are welcome to send in spare wellies or other waterproof shoes for the days they are on the field and they can change. Please can you send your child to school with a coat everyday to ensure they are warm during these chilly months.