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The Norman

Barcelona Class


Welcome to Barcelona Class.

Another very busy half term coming up! 

This half term in Barcelona, we will be exploring the question:

Is it always a happy ever after?

We will look at different fairy tales and compare the similarities and differences between the stories.

In English will continue to secure sentence writing with expanding the ranch of punctuation used from full stops, question marks and exclamation marks, to using commas in lists, apostrophes in contracted words and for possession and speech marks.  We will be recounting stories using talk for writing, as well as drama, and will be making up our own endings for fairy tales.  We will also be writing instructions.

Our Maths will continue to follow the Primary National Curriculum and will cover calculations, problem solving, geometry and statistics.

In Geography and History, we will look at the links between the Cinderella story and China.

Our Science will study the germination requirements for seeds and the growing conditions for plants, as well as looking at plants in the local environment.

Art will be sketching plants using water colours and making clay pinch pots as flower pots.

In RE we will look at why the Easter story is so significant for Christians.

In PSHE we will continue to look at strategies for getting along with each other, showing how we can care and help each other and how to get over playground disagreements.