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The Norman

Autumn 2016

After returning from the Summer break in this Olympic year, we were blessed with some lovely weather - the sort of weather cricketers like!

New York started their term with a series of Kwik Cricket sessions; a game loved by most but not all of the students! New skills for most of the group included batting and overarm bowling whilst catching and throwing skills were practised in all sessions.


Following on from cricket, the children of New York honed their Quicksticks hockey skills - an improvement was made by all students and a lot of fun was had by all.


Paris saw their term start with Quicksticks hockey. This cohort hadn't played hockey before so new skills were learnt by all: safety, dribbling, passing, tackling and shooting were thoroughly enjoyed by all the children (and the staff!).


On Friday afternoons, children from the Norman School have swimming; this term saw half of the students from Paris take to the water while the other half worked on their endurance running with Mrs Bagge.


Barcelona has enjoyed a half term of mastering different skills. The children have been practicing their throwing and catching skills with a variety of equipment, rolling and aiming at different targets and working together in relay teams. The children have been working hard on understanding what happens to their bodies when they exercise and learning the names of the muscles they are using in the PE lessons.


Our new children in Rio have been doing yoga this half term focusing on getting the rest pose right and practising the tree! The children have also been practising throwing and catching skills, starting with bean bags and progressing to large, medium and small balls.


After school clubs included Tag Rugby for the children of New York, running club for KS2 children and dance with Emily. Cross country was the first cluster event which saw students competing at Iceni High School with children from the other schools in the cluster. Five children have been invited to take part in the level two competition.


After the half term break, tag rugby and the Haka were timetabled for the children in KS2. With the weather doing its best to interupt PE lessons, the children managed to get outside on a number of occasions to play rugby with the wet weather alternative seeing the children learning the Haka. 


Half of Paris children continued to swim and whilst the ramining children tackled speed stacking with Mrs Bagge.


Barcelona worked on teamwork in a variety of games and challenges. This block of sessions have been very enjoyable; the children have thoroughly enjoyed the challenges set for them and have overcome difficulties and solved problems in order to reach their goals. The children continue to learn and remember their muscles names and each week a child volunteers to be tested on the names and whereabouts their muscle are.

Do you know where your gastrocnemus is? If not, ask a child from Barcelona class.



Monday 7th November saw 5 children take part in the School Games level 2 event at Watton Sports Centre. Qualifiers from the Methwold, Wayland, Thetford and Attleborough clusters competed over 1000m, 1200m, 1400m and 1600m depending on the age group. The weather was cold, wet and windy, especially for the year 4 boys, but it didn't stop the children doing their very best with Lucas getting over the finish line first in his race! Well done to all the children that took part and thank you to the parents for your support.




After school Tag Rugby Club continued in preparation for the cluster event at Iceni Academy on 25th November. Click on the link on the left of this page to take you to the full report.

After School Indoor Athletics ran to prepare for the cluster event in December. This event saw the team taking part in standing long jump, standing triple jump, javelin, chest push, speed bounce, vertical jump and team relays. Click on the link on the left to take you to the full report.