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The Norman

Rio de Janeiro Class

I wish you a warm and exciting welcome to the new school year and the first few weeks at The Norman School.  During their time in Rio class the children will explore the environment and their own learning through a balance of child initiated and adult led activities, becoming more independent in their own learning and self-care as the year progresses.  We will initially focus on the three prime areas of development: Personal, Social and Emotional development, Communication and Language and Physical Development although activities and opportunities to develop our Literacy skills, Maths skills, our Understanding of the World and our Expressive arts will be evident within the classroom also.

This term we will start by exploring our enquiry question ‘Who am I?’ We will look at ourselves as individuals and explore what we like and dislike, our bodies, our senses, our birthdays and the activities and skills we are able to do. This will lead onto us talking about our families, where we live and the activities we enjoy doing together. Our first step into this exploration will be showing and sharing our shoeboxes which we decorated and collected items in that are personal to us over the summer holidays. These may also provide comfort and reassurance to us over those first few weeks as we embark on a year long journey together.

Furthermore, we will discover the different types of homes and houses we live in and compare these to different villages, towns and countries and maybe even become designers and builders and build our own. Finally, we will explore food and harvest which will tie in with our Christian ethos and the Harvest Festival. Hopefully, we will get to do lots of cooking, baking and tasting of different types and flavours of food as well as finding out lots about the ingredients we use when we cook and where our foods come from.

We will begin lots of fun songs, rhymes and games in phonics and share daily stories to engage us in reading, storytelling and drama alongside our writing programme of Talk for Writing. In Maths, we will investigate numbers from 0-10, ordering them, matching numeral to quantity with lots of interactive counting games and songs.

I hope you are looking forward to this year as much as Miss Smith and Rio Class staff and are ready to jump into exploring our unique and wonderful personalities as individuals and as a class.