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The Norman

Paris Class

‘Doing it like Darwin.’

As we move into the spring term Paris Class will be focusing on Charles Darwin.    



History will see us exploring how life had changed and developed since Darwin's time, looking and clothes, food and life in general.


While Darwin was aboard HMS Beagle he visited many places and found plants and animals that had never been seen before. Unfortunately back in those days there were no cameras so if you wanted to capture a picture of something you had to sketch it. 

This half term, the children will be learning to sketch some of the animals and plants Darwin found.



"Dear diary, ..."

Being aboard a shop can get fairly boring until you see something fantastic however, once again technology was not what it is today and Darwin couldn't post letters to his family so to remember what he had seen he kept a diary.

Paris Class will be looking at writing their on extracts based on being on HMS Beagle. We will take on a talk for writing style to this learning, where we will break the diary down and come up with actions to help us act out the extract.

We will be including some drama within our lessons where we will pretend to be on a ship and think of our five sense to help make our diary extracts more interesting.


The children continue to impress me with the progress they are making within their maths work. We are now looking at multiplication and division which can be tricky for some children. We are going To be going over and learning our times tables as well, so helping your children at home will be much appreciated.


Darwin is known for being a scientist so this will play a major role within our topic this term.

We will be looking at animals and plants and how they are classified into different groups. We will then move on to looking at different habitats and how animals adapt to fit the environment.


Computing fits nicely with science this term as we will be collecting data based on different animals and plants which will then help us create data records and bar graphs to help show our findings.



Darwin decided that he wanted to join the crew on HMS Beagle for five years visiting many different places. The children will learn how to use grid references to help locate certain places and areas on maps.