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The Norman

Autumn 2017

As we returned to school after the summer break, football was on the timetable for all children in Barcelona, Paris and New York. Barcelona started with basic skills, whilst in KS2 drills to practice known skills progressed to games, with some children in New York taking on the role of the referee in small sided games. 



     Jumping is a fundamental locomotor skill that is used in almost all Physical Activities or Sports and Barcelona have been mastering these skills - hopping, bouncing, leaping and hopscotch.   This group of children thoroughly enjoy their PE lessons, especially musical statues to get their heart rate up and muscles warm. Although a little rusty, year 2 have great memories and can name their muscles whilst year 1s are learning new names for parts of their bodies. Safety in the PE lesson is top priority and these children have shown great safety awareness and good listening skills in all lessons.


The children used their measuring and recording skills too, measuring their standing long jumps in 'feet' - the rubber variety! 


Paris have been taking the plunge into the pool and continue to improve their swimmimg skills at Feltwell swimming pool and in September, children in New York  spent three days at Caythorpe Court experiencing adventure on land and water.

The first cluster event, cross country, took place in October - click on the tab on the left of this page to read the report. 

After half term, Barcelona and Paris embarked on a block of Key Step Gym lessons with after school gym club for the children in KS1 to consolidate their learning.

Key Step - The Gymnastics - There are 3 gymnastic areas, known as ‘disciplines' in Key Step. These are floor, vault and body management.

  1. Floor: Sequences of gymnastic skills performed on a small matted area. Routines include balancing, jumping, rolling and flexibility skills. 
  2. Vault: Skills are performed travelling on and off a bench (level 1) or box top (levels 2 & 3), at levels 2 & 3 vault can be taught with or without springboard
  3. Body Management: Routines designed to prepare the body for gymnastics. Performed on a small matted area, routines include strength, flexibility, balance and co-ordination skills




New York played tag rugby outside, until the weather wouldn't allow it, and indoor athletics on the wet days! 

Tag rugby was the second cluster event and a very successful one for the Norman School.

The Normans were also invited to take part in the Level 2 Sportshall Athletics held at Breckland Leisure Centre.

Click on the tabs on the left to read the full reports.