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The Norman

Normans Shine in O2 Concert

28 singing Normans took to the stage in front of thousands as part of the Young Voices concert in January.

On Wednesday 30th January 2012, 28 children from the Norman school took part in the Young Voices Concert at London's o2 Arena.

Eboni in Year 6 tells is more...

"On the 30th of January our school choir went to the O2 in London to join other schools to sing.

The arena was the biggest thing I have ever seen. It could hold many thousands of people!! When we got in there we had a dress rehearsal and practiced are pitches for our voices to help us sound more amazing. We sang with 2 famous people who were Connie Talbert and Randolph Mathews; they were brilliant. My favourite song was pop medley and let it be so I had to keep going because they kept them till last and they were my favourites.

Afterwards all of us ate our tea in result of this it gave us more energy to sing to help us sound better than before. For tea I had pasta and some brownies it was delicious. This gave me loads of energy because I love pasta.

We got in the arena to sing in the concert for all of the grown ups on the other side of the arena.  My nerves had burst, I was a bit shaky but I was excited, as I knew my mum was watching.

It was my time to shine. It was all about to begin. We started singing it felt great all the lights were shining on us all different colours twinkling in our eyes, shining bright.  I loved every moment of it. In the concert we got to sing with the African Children’s choir and with them we sung sing it was an amazing experience because I had never thought that would happen. A few songs after we sung let it be with Connie Talbert and we all went wild. It was great. And then he said pop medley me and Trinity went crazy it was the best song in the whole concert.

It was a great experience and I would do it all over again. And I want to thank the teachers for taking us because it would never happen without them."