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The Norman

Norman's Got Talent!

The judges worked hard to feedback to acts who showed what Talent The Norman has!

AliceIsabel, Harry and Alice helped Joshua realise his vision of organising a Norman's Got Talent event. It was fantastic! There were singers, magicians, gymnasts, dancers and ventriloquists who had put an enormous amount of effort into their acts.

The judges had a hard time giving the feedback and choosing the three winning acts:

Runnners up were:

Alfie and Trinity with their supple gymnastic exhibition!

Alice with her ventriloquist dummies - a rare treat!

The winners were Mia and Daisy with their amazing Magic Show!

The audience were kept entertained and hosts Harry and Euan ensured the evening went with a pace. 

Joshua, Harry, Isabel and Alice did a fantastic job in putting the whole event together. Their publicity worked, there were plenty of acts and a good audience and things ran very smoothly. So well done to them and to all who contributed by buying tickets for the event and joining in the raffle. The event raised £141 which has been put to the PTFA fund. We are hoping to get a larger digital photoframe so the se types of events can be shared with all who come into the school.