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The Norman

May Day Madness!

What a lovely day we had on Friday. We managed to avoid the bad weather and were able to hold our celebrations outside. 

 Queen Hannah looking gorgeous in her lovely dress, King Joshus was most dashing in his royal garb and the rest of the royal party set the standard for the rest of the school. The children looked the part and danced as though they were p[rofessionals. Each dance was well performed with much fun. There was a gasp from the audience when the Year 6 moved from plaiting the maypole ribbons to the very complicated Spider's Web which they executed with great aplomb! OUr day ended with the Year 6 performing the Circassian Circle which involved a great cry of 'Boosh!" as the girls then the boys entered the circle - it's great to see them putting their mark on the event.

Thank you to Mr Booty for teaching Miss Howlett and the Year 6 how to effectively dance the Maypole.