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The Norman

We're off! Heading for £9600 for new classroom

Thank you to the PTFA to for aiming to raise our 10% contribution to the cost of our new classroom.

Finally, our new classroom has been delivered and now we are on the starting block for raising the 10% contribution the school needs to pay for the classroom. Please support our PTFA as they start this journey with the first Fund Raiser of this year with the well loved Horse Racing Event on Saturday 25th February at 7:00pm. You don't need to know anything about racing, you just need to have a great sense of humour and the desire to have a fun evening out. There will be the usual lovely buffet, courtesy of donations of parents, staff and friends. I understand that, by great demand, the DVDs have been jettisoned to be replaced by the well loved cine film. Who knows if the race will go backwards, very slowly or jump around? It all adds to the fun! See you there or be square!