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The Norman

PTFA ensure new classroom can go ahead!

We are delighted to announce planning permission has been granted for our new classroom. A commitment by the PTFA to raise the school's contibution has meant we can go ahead with confidence.

Work will begin on Plough Monday, an appropriate day to ensure we shall be blessed in the coming years. 

We are lucky to be able to proceed with this project in times of such fiscal restraint. The Ely Diocese have assigned some of the captial funding which, if not used will disappear at the end of February. Most importantly the PTFA have agreed to raise £9600 over the next 3 years, which is the total costs the school needs to contribute. It is so incredibly kind of the PTFA to make this committment. We have been waiting for planning to be approved before going public. The PTFA think it is good to have a target for the school and friend's community to aim for and to encourage people to come up with fund raising ideas.

So if you have a fund raising idea and the energy to make it happen please come forward and we will support you.